Liberty Energy (aka “Calpeco”) Electrical Line Upgrade Project

Liberty Energy (previously CalPeco) will be upgrading electrical lines running through North Lake Tahoe, which although advertised as important for providing reliable power service to existing customers, appears to be based solely on increasing the power capacity for other projects in the works, including the Northstar Master Plan Update (expansion), the Homewood Village Resort expansion, KSL’s proposed major development at Squaw Valley, and the proposed Martis Valley West Area Plan/Brockway Campground. The Liberty Energy/Calpeco Project – although beneficial to the large resort corporations – will be paid for by all Liberty Energy customers in the Tahoe Basin who will see their power bills go up to cover the project costs. Concerns include:

Concerned citizens worked diligently to address the economic and environmental concerns with the project. Their efforts resulted in requirements for a phased construction approach, whereby project construction is done in segments based on predicted electrical demand.

Draft EIS/EIR/EIS (environmental review) issued 11/27/13 Read FOWS Comments 1/6/2014
Final EIS/EIR/EIS approved by TRPA on 4/23/2015