News articles through 2015


Liberty Utilities eyes 17 percent rate hike for Tahoe-Truckee customers

12/31/2015: Sierra Sun report regarding Liberty rate increase

Homewood eyes 2017 for ski resort redevelopment after latest court ruling

12/31/2015: Sierra Sun update regarding Homewood Village Resort

Lake Tahoe earthquake maps detail CA faults, may impact development

12/30/2015: Tahoe Daily Tribune article regarding Tahoe fault lines

Homewood resort’s makeover delayed — again

12/30/2015: Lake Tahoe News article regarding recent court decision related to the Homewood Village Resort

Impacts of Martis Valley project questioned

11/25/2015: Lake Tahoe News report on 11/19 Planning Commission hearing

Tahoe residents, groups criticize draft report for Martis Valley development

11/24/2015: Sierra Sun reporting on 11/19 Planning Commission hearing for MVWPSP project

Feds OK herbicide use near Lake Tahoe’s South Shore

10/1/2015: Sierra Sun article regarding use of herbicides in Tahoe Keys lagoon

Tahoe residents flood TRPA with criticism of ridgeline campground idea

9/24/2015: Sierra Sun article about public concerns expressed to TRPA Governing Board

Proposed campground unpopular with residents

9/24/2015: Lake Tahoe News report on public concerns at TRPA Board meeting

North Shore Evacuation Impossible With Proposed Developments

9/11/2015: Moonshine Ink “My Shot” column by Robert Heinz

USFS-CTC want to swap Lake Tahoe parcels

9/10/2015: Lake Tahoe News report about potential USFS-CTC land swap

Op-ed: Tahoe development deserves scrutiny

8/28/2015: Reno Gazette-Journal Op Ed about Brockway Campground by League to Save Lake Tahoe, Sierra Watch, and Mountain Area Preservation

Tahoe Keys answer to invasive weeds — herbicide

8/12/2015: Lake Tahoe News article regarding proposed use of chemicals by Tahoe Keys

Developer proposes 550-unit campground at North Tahoe ridgeline

8/9/2015: Sierra Sun article regarding proposed Brockway Campground

First Campground Proposed in Tahoe Basin in 20 Years

7/30/2015: Moonshine Ink article about proposed Brockway Campground

Five Environmental Groups Come Together In Protecting The Granite Chief Wilderness

7/28/2015: Unofficial Alpine Editorial regarding Proposed Gondola and Granite Chief Wilderness

Keep Tahoe blue? Less algae, not clarity, key factor for blueness

7/23/2015: Tahoe Environmental Research Center news release about 2015 State of the Lake Report

Another View: Indoor park still doesn’t make sense for Tahoe Sierra

7/16/2015: Auburn Journal Guest Column regarding Squaw Valley Expansion

Placer County working on massive area plan

6/15/2015: Lake Tahoe News article about Placer County’s draft Area Plan

Proposed Squaw Valley high-rises spur controversy

6/7/2015: Sacramento Bee article on proposed Village expansion

Drought doesn’t prevent Tahoe development

6/1/2015: Lake Tahoe News article regarding multiple developments around Lake Tahoe

$30 million Tahoe City bridge, highway overhaul gets OK from TRPA

5/28/2015: Tahoe Daily Tribune article regarding TRPA’s approval of Fanny Bridge Project

$500 million Lake Tahoe ski resort redevelopment won’t break ground in ’15

5/5/2015: Tahoe Daily Tribune article about Homewood Mountain Resort

TRPA approves Liberty electrical line upgrade

4/23/2015: Lake Tahoe News article about Liberty/CalPeco Project

Two New Hotels for Tahoe City

4/9/2015: Moonshine Ink article regarding two proposed hotels in Tahoe City

Will this be Tahoe City’s new look? Fanny Bridge project nears vote

3/26/2015: Sierra Sun article about Fanny Bridge/S.R. 89 Realignment Project

Op Ed: California has about one year of water stored. Will you ration now?

3/15/2015: Los Angeles Times Op Ed about California’s water supply

Revised Martis West Plan a Win-Win? TRPA and Placer County should adopt ridgeline and viewshed standards before it’s too late

3/13/2015: Moonshine Ink: “My Shot” article about ridgeline development standards

Developer: Residential units still possible above North Tahoe

3/12/2015: Sierra Sun article regarding potential development on Tahoe’s Ridgeline

Tahoe-Truckee Realtors taking stand against ridge line development

3/6/2015: Tahoe Daily Tribune article regarding Realtor groups’ new policy on ridgeline development

Opinion: Ridgeline reality check for Martis Valley West

2/11/2015: Editorial from North Shore resident

Opinion: Some Fanny Bridge project options unconscionable, repulsive

2/10/2015: Editorial from Tahoe City resident

Opinion: Don’t let your voice be bypassed

2/4/2015: Editorial from Tahoe City resident

Sierra Sun editorial: The advice is simple — speak up, speak out

1/29/2015: Sierra Sun Editorial related to Martis Valley West project and public input

Tahoe Basin Taken Out of Martis Valley West Project

1/27/2015: Moonshine Ink article

Historic Tahoe City bridge/highway project open for feedback

1/23/2015: Sierra Sun article regarding release of Fanny Bridge draft environmental documents

Squaw Valley: Green Or Greenwashing?

1/4/2015: Editorial by Unofficial Alpine




Opinion: Importance of community voice with Squaw Valley development

12/25/2014: Editorial by Squaw Valley resident and Chairman of Friends of Squaw Valley

Development Boom

12/16/2014: Moonshine Ink article: “From ski resort master plan updates to major housing projects in the works, there is a development boom happening locally.”

Potential hotel development swap causing ire around Lake Tahoe

12/11/2014: Sacramento Business Journal article regarding proposed commodity swap by Placer County

Residents vow to protect Lake Tahoe ridgeline from development

12/10/2014: Commentary from Eco Truckee Tahoe after 12/9/2014 community meeting in Truckee about the Martis Valley West Area Plan

Opinion: Paving Paradise, One Ridgeline at a Time

12/3/2014: Editorial from local North Shore resident regarding Martis Valley West Area Plan

Plan to improve Meeks Bay Resort and Marina receives feedback

11/25/2014: Tahoe Daily Tribune article regarding potential improvements to Meeks Bay Resort

The crazy world that’s in store for Lake Tahoe development

11/18/2014: Article by managing editor of the Sierra Sun and North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

Opponents of Martis Valley West hosting meeting

11/24/2015: Notice of meeting being held by local citizens

Concerns grow over North Tahoe Development

10/23/2014: Local Sierra Sun Article regarding NTPA-led panel regarding Martis Valley West Parcel Area Plan on 10/16

Ire over Proposed Tahoe Ridgeline Development

10/22/2014: Lake Tahoe News Article regarding Martis Valley West Parcel Area Plan

Water testing on July 4 could set World Record

6/28/2014: Lake Tahoe News Article regarding Tahoe Nearshore Dippers

Some still wary of Martis Valley land swap, development plan

4/24/14: Local Sierra Sun Article regarding proposed Martis Valley West Area Plan

Guest Column: Look out…East West Partners is back

4/24/14: Guest Column regarding proposed Martis Valley West Area Plan and the developer: East West Partners

Tahoe Nearshore Dippers being formed

4/14/14: Local Lake Tahoe News Article regarding FOWS’ new summer program

Judge upholds TRPA Regional Plan Update for Lake Tahoe

4/7/14: Local Tahoe Daily Tribune Article regarding RPU Decision

Project would change North Shore Landscape

4/3/14: Local Lake Tahoe News article regarding Martis Valley West Area Plan

Court hears arguments in Regional Plan Lawsuit

3/27/14: Local Tahoe Daily Tribune article regarding March 26, 2014 RPU Court Hearing

Homewood Mountain Resort’s Master Plan. How’s that working out?

2/6/14: San Francisco Chronicle Post

Smaller Homewood Expansion Project Gets Okay from Conservation Groups

1/31/14: Ski resort project on the shore of Lake Tahoe scaled back after lawsuit

Lawsuit settled over expansion of Lake Tahoe Resort

1/31/14: Local Sierra Sun article regarding HMR settlement




CA Governor signs bill to weaken water quality protections for Lake Tahoe

10/14/13: Signature on SB630 signs away 40 years of environmental protection

Looming Tahoe Deal is Bad for the Lake

9/9/13: California on verge of giving in to Nevada pro-development forces

Nevada’s Lake Tahoe planning legislation fails to protect Lake

6/6/13: Valuable environmental protections for the Lake may be lost

Court Halts Lake Tahoe Ski Resort Expansion

1/7/13: Flawed environmental impact report had rejected a smaller Homewood development




Lake Tahoe Protections Abandoned by Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

12/12/12: Local jurisdictions given authority to approve commercial development

Court Orders New Study of Boat Buoys on Lake Tahoe

3/1/12: Tahoe Regional Planning Agency must examine impact of all illegal buoys already in use




Great News! The Lake Wins

9/17/2010: Federal Judge blocks plan for new piers and boat facilities on Lake Tahoe

Read the Shorezone News Prelease

Read the full Case Document


My Turn: Big decisions ahead regarding Homewood project
April 8, 2010

Many residents on the West Shore have concerns with the new development proposed for Homewood Mountain Resort. Friends of the West Shore, a local nonprofit, held monthly meetings from spring to fall in 2009 with residents attending and voicing their thoughts to preserve our small rural towns and mountain lakes, creeks and shores. Our final meeting was a consensus to develop a community vision for the West Shore which was distributed to the TRPA in December 2009. Read complete article

My Turn: Questions about Homewood redevelopment
April 8, 2010

We recently read with great interest the article “Tahoe’s Homewood Resort in danger of closing.” Seeing as we both share lifelong family connections with Tahoe, and particularly the West Shore, that our parents and grandparents also did, we felt obliged to write. Read complete article

For Lake Tahoe, blue boating doesn’t mean blue skies, April 5, 2010

The newly enacted Blue Boating Program does not aggressively curtail ozone related emissions from motorized boats, said a representative from a local environmental organization. Read complete article

‘Blue boating’ rules eyed to protect Tahoe’s waters
Reno Gazette-Journal, March 30, 2010

More than a decade after Lake Tahoe regulators banned polluting two-stroke Jet Skis and two years after boat inspections commenced to guard Tahoe from invading plants and animals, officials are poised to take the next step to protect the lake from boating impacts. Last week, governors of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency took on a long-discussed “blue boating” program designed to offset the environmental effects of motorboats cruising the famous Sierra lake. Read complete article

Regional industry leaders speak to future of Tahoe economy, environment
Tahoe Daily Tribune, March 26, 2010

Thesis, antithesis and synthesis. The recent history of Tahoe features an initial period of expansive developmental growth, followed by a period marked by aggressive shrinking of the local economy. The future of the region requires a bold synthesis of the philosophies behind those two preceding periods – what propelled growth, and what environmental efficiencies were gained during the downturn, said a local official during a recent meeting between top representatives from the private and public sector. Read complete article

Lake Tahoe’s Boulder Bay project receives criticism from local eco watchdog groups
North Lake Tahoe Bonanza, March 23, 2010

CRYSTAL BAY, Nev. – After reserving comment for months on Boulder Bay’s 1,589-page draft environmental study, several area eco watchdog groups have teamed up to express concern over specific elements of the proposed Crystal Bay redevelopment project. Read complete article

Why must resorts bulldoze the slopes?
Sacramento Bee, March 21, 2010

For many, being “green” means finding high-tech – and, by extension, high-cost – fixes for familiar environmental problems. But sometimes the greenest solutions lie in reviving sensible and economical practices from the past.
Read complete article

Reno and Tahoe making pitch for 2022 Winter Olympics
Sacramento Bee, Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Before Reno and Lake Tahoe boosters launch their international pitch to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, they must convince their communities it’s a good idea. After spending a week rubbing shoulders with Olympic officials and athletes in Vancouver, British Columbia, Nancy Cushing, chief executive officer of Squaw Valley USA, is shifting her focus locally.
Read complete article

Lake Tahoe regulators hope ‘green’ development will help keep lake blue
Sacramento Bee, Sunday, February 21, 2010

Development takes much of the blame for the long decline in Lake Tahoe’s legendary clarity. Now, in a move they admit seems “counterintuitive,” regulators are counting on more housing, ski lodges and hotel rooms to help reverse it.. Although construction of new projects has all but ceased at the sensitive Sierra lake, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) has launched a new initiative – dubbed the Community Enhancement Program – with the goal of attracting a different breed of builder. Read complete article

Heavenly ski resort plans upgrades at Tahoe, Sunday, February 21, 2010

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif.-Despite the recession, Heavenly Mountain Resort is moving ahead with plans for a new lodge, club and other upgrades on Lake Tahoe’s south shore. The ski resort that straddles the California-Nevada border expects to begin construction this summer of a 750-seat lodge near the top of the Gondola, said resort CEO Blaise Carrig. The resort also plans to develop a club in Heavenly Village that would include amenities such as lockers and a spa. The project was put on hold when the recession hit, but should move forward as the economy improves, he said. Read complete article

Invasive species battle at Lake Tahoe expands
Sacramento Bee, Saturday, February 13, 2010

TRUCKEE, Calif. — Conservation officials in the Sierra Nevada are expanding their efforts to combat invasive species at Lake Tahoe to other lakes and reservoirs in the area. The Tahoe Resource Conservation District will work with local officials and conservation groups this summer to try to keep quagga and zebra mussels out of Donner and Independence lakes as well as Stampede, Boca and Prosser Creek reservoirs. Read complete article

Lake Tahoe Boulder Bay project: Public input deadline looms
North Lake Tahoe Bonanza, Monday, February 01, 2010

CRYSTAL BAY, Nev. – Residents with opinions regarding the initial environmental study on Boulder Bay must submit input to the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency before Thursday, Feb. 4, the deadline for public comment. After Thursday, all feedback will be incorporated into the final study – the Final Environmental Impact Statement. Read complete article

Lake Tahoe development plan draws concern
Sacramento Bee, Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A proposed development on Lake Tahoe’s north shore has some residents and environmental groups worried about setting precedent for taller, view-blocking buildings throughout the basin.  Boulder Bay Resort & Wellness Center, a $140 million project proposed to replace Crystal Bay’s deteriorating Tahoe Biltmore Lodge & Casino, has widespread support locally. Business representatives have backed the project, saying it is ecologically well-planned and would provide jobs and bring visitors to the area. Read complete article

Restoring watershed function critical for Lake Tahoe
Tahoe Daily Tribune,  Saturday, January 23, 2010

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – A bird’s-eye view of the Upper Truckee River 200 years ago would have appeared much different than today. From the snow-encased headwaters in the mountains west of South Lake Tahoe to the wide, marshy mouth on the Lake Tahoe shore, the wild river found its own path. When flows were high, the river spilled over its banks and the meadows, marshes and streams were submerged. The marshy depths of seasonal ponds, the tall grasses, and the tree tops teemed with wildlife. After the spring melt, waters receded. Meadows of wildflowers unfolded before lush stands of forest. These natural processes filtered pollutants that otherwise would have entered the Lake. The Upper Truckee River is the largest tributary entering Lake Tahoe. Read complete article

Economy vs. Society vs. Environment
North Lake Tahoe Bonanza, Thursday, January 21, 2010

Heather Segale believes living in the Lake Tahoe basin is a privilege that entails a special responsibility. Segale coordinates education and outreach for the UC Davis Lake Tahoe Environmental Research Center. She said more residents need to understand the unique environmental problems facing the area before agreeing on long-term projects earmarked for the region’s economic growth. Read complete article

The Olympics came to Tahoe 50 years ago. Will they come back?
Moonshine Ink, Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fifty years ago, my grandparents watched some of the best athletes in the world compete in the ski jump event that was part of the 1960 Winter Olympic Games at Squaw Valley. Standing along the fence near the bottom of the jump, they gazed upwards as the skiers soared above them. In the distance, cheers erupted from Blythe Arena where the U.S. Hockey Team competed for the gold medal. For them, attending the Olympics was that once-in-a-lifetime experience they still talk about.  “I think Frank and I both had dreamed of going to see an Olympics, but never had the opportunity,” my grandmother, Jackie Murar, told me. “And here it was at our doorstep.” Read complete article

Reno-Tahoe 2022 Olympic Bid Gets “Shot In The Arm”, Thursday, January 14, 2010

When the United States Olympic Committee leadership – including newly appointed CEO Scott Blackmum – revealed Wednesday that they would consider a U.S. bid for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games, the Reno-Tahoe Winter Games Coalition immediately shifted into gear. Jon Killoran, CEO of the bid Coalition spoke to shortly after the news broke, barely containing his excitement. “That’s very energizing and motivating – we’ve got a lot of great things going on here right now so the timing is perfect.”, he said. Read complete article

Lake Tahoe’s Environmental Protection Agency- A Different Kind of Green
ExpertClick, Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lake Tahoe has become, unfortunately, a prime example of developmental destruction of habitat, for profit. Many view the Lake Tahoe Basin as a reservoir of profit, protected an impotent government agency partially sustained by its own fee generation; a police force paid for by funds levied upon potential lawbreakers. Read complete article

South Tahoe redevelopment may cost other entities millions
Lake Tahoe News, Thursday, January 14, 2010

To some it might like look like a shell game. Or maybe it’s robbing Peter to pay Paul. Or maybe it’s all on the up and up. The problem with projected redevelopment areas is that nothing is guaranteed. South Lake Tahoe believes it will generate $178 million in tax increment in the 45 years that the latest project area is slated to be on the books. South Tahoe Public Utility District believes $54 million in property tax dollars are at risk if the plan is approved by the City Council. Read complete article

Satellites show lake warming rapidly

A recent NASA study showed Lake Tahoe’s water is warming twice as quickly as regional air temperature, lending weight to predictions of warming lake temperatures made by researchers at the University of California, Davis in 2008. The study, published in November, shows from 1992 to 2008, Tahoe’s surface waters warmed a mean 0.23 of a degree Fahrenheit a year for a total increase of 3.7 degrees. Air temperatures recorded in Tahoe City increased 0.1 degree annually during the same time. Read complete article

Search for Tahoe mussels extends to reservoirs, other lakes
Reno Gazette-Journal, Monday, January 04, 2010

The hunt for invading mussels that could pose an ecological disaster for the region will extend beyond Lake Tahoe to other threatened lakes and reservoirs. Donner and Independence lakes and Boca, Stampede and Prosser Creek reservoirs will be searched for the possible presence of quagga or zebra mussels. Boats launching into these water bodies could soon be inspected to ensure mussels are not attached to their hulls. Read complete article