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Current West Shore issues


Meeks Bay Restoration Project:                                                                                                                   .

The Meeks Bay Restoration Project proposes to remove the marina and restore the creek and lagoon, add a new public pier and boat ramp along a heavily-used beach on the south end of the bay, and incorporate other changes to the campground, parking areas, and circulation.

While FOWS supports restoration activities that will benefit Lake Tahoe, we are concerned with the impacts of the proposed new pier and boat ramp on the south end of the bay in an area currently popular for non-motorized beach use among residents and visitors, as well as impacts to the existing campground. We have proposed alternative options for consideration. Learn more here or click on the map for a larger image.


California State Route 89 Corridor Planning (Tahoma to South Lake Tahoe):

The State Route 89 (SR 89) Corridor Planning project will examine issues like parking along the highway, curb and gutter, pedestrian access, etc., with emphasis on Emerald Bay and the Camp Richardson areas. The project will also look at potential bike path routes south of Meeks Bay and through the corridor. Valuable information has been gathered about the current roadway-related problems and one thing is clear – resolving the issues will not be as simple as adding more parking spaces or trying to get more people to ride existing transit services. Solutions will require multiple approaches and collaboration across the board.

Beginning in July 2018, TRPA and other project planners initiated surveys to gather input from the public. We encourage those interested to sign up for their e-news list. View the project’s fact sheet or read more details here.


Homewood Mountain Resort (HMR) Ski Area Master Plan:

In 2011, the TRPA and Placer County Board of Supervisors approved the proposed expansion of the Homewood Mountain Resort (HMR). FOWS partnered with the Sierra Club to challenge the project’s approval. In January 2014, we reached a settlement with the developer to reduce the impacts of the resort’s expansion and improve traffic monitoring and mitigation. In September 2016, the settlement of a separate lawsuit brought by another organization resulted in the preparation of the Homewood Evacuation and Life Safety Report, which “includes several items on a programmatic level that will lower the demand on evacuation systems by providing defensible space, fire-safe buildings, increased firefighting capacity and areas of refuge for residents.” HMR representatives have stated the timing of construction has yet to be determined. Learn more here.


Other plans and projects:

  • Significant new projects and activities along Tahoe’s West and North shores and in adjacent areas will mean more traffic and pollution along the West Shore. Projects include the Village at Squaw Valley Specific Plan, the Martis Valley West Specific Plan, several projects at Northstar and in/around Truckee, and increases associated with the Placer County Tahoe Basin Area Plan.
  • Additional projects and proposed land use plan amendments have the potential to affect the West Shore and Tahoe/Truckee region (updates are regularly provided in our bi-monthly newsletters).


Regional and local land use


Tahoe Regional Land Use Plan:.

Additional development in the region

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Lake Tahoe Regional Plan was amended in 2012 to encourage larger and more dense development in areas closest to Lake Tahoe (notably where pavement and buildings have the greatest impact on water clarity). Additional amendments are proposed and/or recently adopted through TRPA’s Strategic Plan, which identifies ten “Strategic Initiatives” to be completed between 2015-2020. Local and regional projects can also increase traffic along the west shore, creating environmental (e.g. lake clarity) and public health and safety impacts (i.e. impediments to emergency access and evacuation).

Although numerous other plans and projects affecting development in our area have already been approved, some are still in the planning stages or subject to litigation. In addition, future proposed projects are required to perform adequate environmental review and comply with all regulations. FOWS will continue to advocate for the best available science and planning.


Local Area/Community Plans:

Stemming from the approved 2012 TRPA Regional Plan Update, local plans for West Shore communities have been developed by the counties. Learn more.


Residents, Homeowner Associations, and Interested Groups


We would greatly appreciate hearing from residents, local homeowner associations, and concerned Lake Tahoe groups. We rely on you as members of our West Shore communities to develop our initiatives and future efforts. We hope to hear from you soon.


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