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FOWS takes our efforts to a whole new level:

Estimated number of bedrooms in approved/proposed development.

The 2012 Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Lake Tahoe Regional Plan (RP) supports tall, wide, and dense developments in areas closest to Lake Tahoe (notably where pavement and buildings have the greatest impact on water clarity), and allows local governments like Placer County to push for considerable new growth. However, the RP includes certain protections to minimize impacts, and FOWS will work hard to ensure that future development meets all requirements.

Although numerous other plans and projects affecting development in our area have already been approved, some are still in the planning stages or subject to litigation. In addition, future proposed projects will be required to perform adequate environmental review and comply with all regulations. FOWS will continue to advocate for the best available science and planning. Check out our visual representation of additional development already in the works from various projects and plans in our region (image on right).



Local Community and TRPA Regional Plans:

Stemming from the approved 2012 TRPA Regional Plan Update, local plans for West Shore communities are being developed by the counties. Learn more.



Other West Shore Issues:

  • Significant new projects and activities are proposed along Tahoe’s West and North shores that will mean more traffic and pollution along the West Shore. Projects include the Village at Squaw Valley Specific Plan, the Martis Valley West Specific Plan, several projects at Northstar and in/around Truckee, and increases associated with the Placer County Tahoe Basin Area Plan.
  • The construction of a new bypass through the 64-acre Tract, along with multiple new roundabouts, was approved by TRPA in 2015 (Fanny Bridge S.R. 89 Realignment Project). FOWS is concerned the new bypass and bridge will create more traffic along the West Shore and fail to solve the vehicle congestion in the area that is in large part associated with pedestrian crossings in Tahoe City.
  • About two years after Earthjustice filed a lawsuit on behalf of Friends of the West Shore and the Sierra Club, a settlement was reached regarding the expansion of the Homewood Mountain Resort. However, a recent decision by the court from a lawsuit by another plaintiff identifies the failure of the environmental review to identify and evaluate impacts to emergency evacuation and access along the West Shore.



Tahoe Nearshore Dippers Program!dip in pier logo

Become a Tahoe Nearshore Dipper and help gather important information that is needed to help protect Lake Tahoe’s nearshore water clarity! Through this family-friendly program, volunteers are helping monitor our nearshore clarity conditions by taking easy, fun measurements over the summer. Volunteers also helped Lake Tahoe create a new world record on July 4th, 2014. Learn more and sign up for 2016!


Residents, Homeowner Associations, and Interested Groups:

We would greatly appreciate hearing from residents, local homeowner associations, and concerned Lake Tahoe groups. We rely on you as members of our West Shore communities to develop our initiatives and future efforts. We hope to hear from you soon.


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