Tahoe City PUD Water Treatment Plant


On August 7th, the TCPUD issued a “Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration and Notice of Public Hearing.” After previously focusing on three properties, the Lodge site has been identified as the preferred location, which is on state-owned land managed by the California Tahoe Conservancy [CTC]. The CTC and TCPUD are considering a land swap involving a TCPUD-owned parcel off Lagoon Street. FOWS supports this project’s proposed location and the associated land swap (read FOWS comments to the TCPUD).

You can ask questions by contacting Kurt Althof,¬†Grants and Community Information Administrator, anytime at: kalthof@tcpud.org or (530) 580-6057. The TCPUD has stated that new rate increases are not needed for this project. However, FOWS will be monitoring this project to ensure that the Homewood Mountain Resort pays its fair share of the costs of the system upgrade, as required in the final Environmental Impact Report/Study for the HMR project (see excerpts). For more information, please visit the TCPUD’s website for this project.